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The best industrial sewing machine isn’t merely for those in the business of massive clothing production but likewise for those who sew. You can use an industrial sewing machine for various things. From upholstery to garments, commercial stitching equipment is utilized for a variety of materials.
Speed depends upon the thread, material, and also fashion.
– For stitching light to medium-weight products including cotton, knits, polyester, nylon, sheer fabrics, and even denim.
– An industrial sewing machine is ideal for sewing such products as clothes, tee shirts for males and women as well as children’s apparel, attires, overalls, lingerie.

Industrial Sewing Machine For Sale

Brother PQ1500SL – High Speed

The Brother PQ1500SL high-speed industrial machine is great if you have large-scale jobs.
The Brother PQ1500SL high-speed quilting commercial sewing machine can finish to 1500 stitches each minute. Brother PQ1500SL has measurements of 25 x 11.8 x 14.8 inches and 29.8 pounds. This terrific business sewing device supplies a built-in automated needle threader, switch car string trimmers. This fantastic sewing machine provides a retractable table.
Brother PQ1500SL high-speed stitching equipment provides every little thing that you could need in a commercial sewing machine. This commercial stitching device is sturdy and dependable.
If you need a high speed and massive duty sewing machine with a bunch of additionals and additions, this one is for you.
  • Resilient when handled correctly
  • The PQ1500SL includes a 25-year guarantee
  • There is an adjustable embroidery speed. The Brother can reach rates of as much as 1500 stitches per min however can be set to any chosen speed
  • It is moderately priced
  • Learning to work it can be difficult and too time-consuming
  • The needle threader and also cutter isn’t very easy to change or control

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Singer S16 Studio – Straight Stitch

The best industrial sewing machine for sale is the Singer S16. The Singer S16 Studio industrial stitching and quilting device is a complex sewing machine. It provides all the functionality that you need.
  • Can preserve broadband of approximately 1600 stitches per min and also can be decreased to 100 stitches per minute for those with a choice for slower rates
  • Features a vast location for stitching
  • Hassle-free for residence quilters as well as less professional stylists
  • Focuses on just one kind of stitching
This commercial stitching equipment has 31.5 pounds and 20x 9 × 14 inches. Some of the features of this sewing machine are sewing to 1600 stitches per min, automatic digital string trimmer, an independent bobbin winding system, a computerized needle threader, a programmable needle, variable speed controls, and knee lifter.
One distinct function of this stitching equipment is its extra-large sewing area.
The variable speed controls provided with this printer enables it to be readied to run as reduced as 100 stitches each minute or as fast as 1,600 stitches per minute.
The Singer S16 is an industrial sewing stitch you can use at home. It is convenient among the most significant commercial quality stitching and quilting machines in the marketplace today. This industrial sewing machine is perfect for specialist quilters.

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Juki DDL-5550 – Straight Stitch

This product is manufactured in Japan by Juki. This is a two in one device that has everything you require. It consists of all needed elements composed of working light, a cabinet, the electric motor, stand, table, and equipment head.
The Juki DDL5550N is excellent for stitching medium and also light-weight textiles. This sewing machine was synthesized to reduce vibration as well as noise. Now, it offers a much more comfortable operating experience. With a silent Servo powered stitching motor, this mechanical stitching device is fantastic for business or in residence usage.
Juki DDL5550N sturdy sewing device provides stitching rates of around 5,500 stitches each minute. It gauges 48 x 20 x 48 inches and also weighs in at 250 pounds. This incredible commercial sewing machine is powered by the powerful Servo motor that is only 110 volts and even quieter compared to one could think.
The Juki DDL5550N straight-stitch sewing printer would be the equipment for you if you were looking for something that weighs obligation as well as provides broadband.
If you were searching for a sewing machine to finish the uphill struggle fast, then the Juki DDL 5550N could be the ideal commercial sewing equipment for you.
  • Top-quality products: The stitching Juki DDL 5550n consistently produces fantastic sewing
  • Speedy and durable, the Juki DDL 5550 has high reports in thoughts to speed as well as strength
  • User-friendly: Although the DDL 5550 is a piece of specialist equipment, a newbie with minimal embroidery activity can work it
  • The DDL 5550 is just efficient in reliable sewing stitches
  • It is not manageable. It comes with a stand as well as support-stand hence it is rather hefty

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Juki DDL-8700 Straight Stitch

The Juki DDL 8700 straight-stitch industrial machine with a top of the line powerful servo motor is an attractive commercial stamina sewing maker that is great for house use.
  • Rate: It can produce about 5,500 stitches every one minute
  • The stitching Juki DDL 8700 is a superb option for mass manufacturing
  • The DDL 8700 generates top-quality plans
  • Max. Stitch Length: 5mm
  • It gets to your doorstep already setup.
  • Sturdiness and also Comfort: This device is long-lasting and also can noise-free
  • It simplifies your work
  • It is reasonably hefty
  • The DDL 8700 can only do one sort of stitch; the straight stitch
  • Don’t use it for lightweight products too
It has a measurement of 48 x 20 x 48 inches, as well as estimates just under 30 pounds. It offers terrific stitching rates with a max sewing speed of 5,500 stitches per minute. Juki DDL 8700 is perfect for lightweight and medium-weight stuff and also is a good deal.
  • With this device, you can be supported much faster speeds as well as the best stitches each time.
This particular industrial equipment is offered to you by a world leader in stitching technology and top quality.
  • In connecting, the quiet motor and also the considerable embroidery space this unit gives a comfy operating experience each time.
The Juki DDL 8700 Industrial Stitching Maker is a sort of monogrammed maker with a particular needle lockstitch. This was constructed to be used along with either medium-weight or mild variations of textiles.
  • The equipment is excellent for fixing or producing an entire variety of clothing, ranging from flimsy sets of undergarments to soft cardigan jackets.

So why precisely should you choose the Juki DDL 8700 sewing device?

Well, if you presently work or run a business that concentrates on taking care of making all kinds of garments. You’ll need to obtain a durable sewing device that’s just as difficult as these high-powered industrial procedures. It’s additionally light-weight as well as gentle adequate to work within medium and also soft textiles, so it also functions as kids stitching machine.
The DDL 8700’s servo motor is just one of the primary reasons it is only one of the company’s conventional devices. This characteristic makes it stand out amongst the other Juki commercial stitching maker variants possible. The DDL 8700’s 110-volt element is so quiet, and you no more need to take care of that typical clicking sound that is often related to old stitching machines, an extension to other industrial devices as well as residence appliances.
Just like the Juki DDL 5550, the DDL 8700 is fitting for those that stay in houses, specifically those that possess home-based dressmaking or repairing services. Its web server electric motor also provides the system with whole lots and great deals of unpredictable RPMs. This supplies you with an entire range of transforming rate options. So whenever you wish to take things slowly with your best sewing machine to focus on the look of your style, all you need to do is to push a button, as well as you’re prepared.

So who should purchase the DDL 8700?

This equipment is very recommended for those that are planning to possess, currently, own, or work for a manufacturing garment service. It can manage to stitch both fashionable as well as natural products consisting of undergarments, polo shirts, coats, skirts, jeans, and dress shirts.
It also works well for the designer, tailors, as well as those who utilize the stitching machine for their service. Due to its server motor, it doesn’t make way too much sound as distinguished to the standard sewing equipment. It’s a lot quieter than the smaller sized as well as much more lightweight Juki Serger.

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Janome Industrial-Grade Aluminum-Body HD1000

The Janome HD 1000 has 14 various in-built stitches. It is robust and constructed to last: the HD1000 is industrial quality, primarily constructed from aluminum. There are no plastic components, and this is why it is incredibly sturdy.
The device features a built-in needle threader making it even easier for users to run. It is an attractive option for novices.
  • It is long-lasting
  • The Janome HD1000 is long-lasting. Its metal makes it able to hold up against wear and also pressure
  • Can sew via various kinds of material consisting of material (cotton, fur, rayon, or suede)
  • Comes with necessary and innovative functions
  • Excellent selection
  • Its bandwidth for many articles does not hold reptile skin, synthetic, canvas, and rubber
  • May begin to malfunction or overheat after expanded use
Metal-casing safeguards preserve all delicate features of any industrial equipment.

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Juki HZL-DX Series Sewing Machine HZL-DX7

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Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing equipment is helpful at home for various things. From fittings to clothes or uniforms, commercial embroidery machines can handle voluminous as well as an extensive array of materials.
Do not let the title frighten you. Though, the truth is that commercial embroidery equipment isn’t merely for those in the industry of large-scale clothes stock yet likewise for those that stitch expertly.
Industrial sewing devices are created to sustain repeated and quick sewing so that you can strike your production quota or due date if you want.
Whether you’re the proprietor of a manufacturing facility that’s making garments or a small-time dressmaker doing business at the residence, you require to determine the best system for your needs.
Below are some functions to look nearly at if you plan to purchase the best industrial sewing machine for you.
The best industrial sewing machines manage to produce stitches and patterns that are more elegant and are of better quality than those provided by home sewing machines.
As quality and production are the selling features of industrial sewing tools, companies are regularly willing to shell out a fair amount of resources to have a full set of the devices they need. When it comes to acquiring devices that perform different stitches, you must choose from the following methods:
  • Overlock sewing machines
  • Coverstitch sewing machines
  • Lockstitch sewing machines
  • Chainstitch sewing machines
Performance is another significant difference between domestic and industrial sewing models. Because the motors of new alternatives are significantly more widespread and more robust than those of household units, they can be used years and years. The engines of industrial sewing machines for sale are usually so many that they are located beneath the tables in which the devices pause. Industrial sewing machines come with motors connected to their foundations.
Industrial machines for sale can help your repeated and fast sewing. If you are the owner of a garments factory or a small-time modiste or dressmaker working in the house, you must find the best system for your financial investment.

Power Using

The power intake of the commercial stitching devices should be recognized when you’re planning to make use of one in the house where electric bills are a worry.
Don’t forget that these machines are suggested for heavy usage. This is why it has excellent energy consumption. On the other hand, there are green brand names that deliver devices with low power intake.
You must know if your home or manufacturing facility is 110, 220, or 440 lines. Some machines are interchangeable from one power to one more.


The commercial stitching device of a dressmaker or modiste will differ from that of a supplier of the natural leather sofa and also car seat covers. The methods may be executed just to fit light-medium stuff, while some may completely be developed for numerous products like canvas or natural leather.
Some companies offer an overview of what design you need for details projects. However, to be risk-free or if there’s no overview readily available, keep in mind that the lifting height of the presser foot needs to be more than 3 millimeters greater than the depth of your product. Your natural leather or canvas can relocate in as well as out under the needle.
Not all industrial embroidery equipment is made for garment manufacturing. There are very portable tools that are developed specifically for making bags and also furniture.
For other various other industrial devices must be two people to run it. If you know precisely why you require industrial sewing tools, you’ll choose the best one.


You require to have a productive, fast commercial stitching item.
Industrial sewing machines can outfit a variety of 1,000 to at least 4500 or 5,000 stitches per minute. It is quicker than the home-type systems. Make note that a much faster stitching capability might not be trustworthy when running on original leather or various other solid stuff.


Some industrial equipment is transported to your residence as previously set up devices. So before you obtain your item online, see to find out the delivery method.
The area you have readily available for your sewing job will influence the sort of equipment you can buy, especially unit measurements, bodybuilding and construction, and also mobility. Remember that iron must be stored nearby.
If you have ample space in your layout, the big conventional ones won’t be a dilemma for you. But if you have a limited area, you may intend to choose those systems that are created from light materials.


The majority of conventional industrial embroidery equipment is noisy, mostly when they are kept up a clutch-type motor. While it may not be enough of a business when you’re using the industrial sewing machine in a large garment production facility, you might need to reassess if you’re utilizing it for private usage.
The good news is, some brands market their items as something with sound reduction properties. If you can not locate one, think about sewing tools that run on servo-electric motors, which is recognized to operate silently.

An electric motor

Notwithstanding the sound that grip motors produce, sewing machines with this variety of engines are optimal for collaborating with sturdy, thick materials (natural canvas leather).

Working Space

Understanding the expected working area will aid the arm kind your stitching equipment ought to have. If you’re operating with huge elements such as marine upholstery, parachutes, or tarps, you’ll require the long-arm devices to make sure that you can conveniently pass the item below the pin.

Bed Type

The variety of material you stitch or outcomes objects. There are 3-bed varieties you require to examine:
  • Post-bed characters have extraordinary and tiny covers under the needles. You can closely focus on the stitches, notably if they’re ornamental items.
  • Cylinder bed models are used for smaller, hard-to-reach spaces like those in bags, pockets, seat protection, and footwear.
  • Flat-bed kinds are your endless choices when selecting your products doesn’t require the post-bed or cylinder samples.

Final Thoughts for Industrial Sewing Machine

Identifying the best industrial machine for you begins when you understand the nature of your work, extended storage space, working environment — your alternative variety from those that can manage delicate fabrics to those that can endure thick materials.
Especially when the equipment is for your company, you will wish to make sure that your unit will undoubtedly chunk out as might amount as possible and also give you great value for your financial investments.
These evaluations make sure to help you pick the very best alternative for your commercial sewing demands.